Founder | Designer

While actively teaching jewellery design parallel to her degree in Shenkar School of design in Tel Aviv, in 2012 Tami realised her dream and launched her own jewellery design label by the name of T SQUARED. The "T" representing the "T" for Tami and "squared" representing the modern, urban, geometrical design, philosophy and approach. With over 14 years in the jewellery business Tami creates original, handmade, contemporary designs as well as custom designs meeting clients specifications.             

The Jaffa studio, “is a quiet place to get dirty" where Tami enjoys designing and fabricating her jewellery. The necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings designed by T SQUARED create a versatile, elegant, abstract, architectural and minimal look defining the jewellery line. All items are hand-made and produced with various materials using monochromatic colors, although that varies with collection. The primary materials that make up T SQUARED are silver, gold and brass.